Eighty percent

A quick note before the slivovitz kicks in …

I went for a CT scan today at 10:15 in the morning (and that post will be up soon about that boondoggle) and then met with my oncologist and the surgeon at 2:30. This is the first scan since the “treatments” and is very important to see if the cancer has spread. I will have such testing every three months for two years, then twice a year.

Punchline – the scan was clear, no evidence of cancer anywhere. And my blood test for the CEA marker (want it under 5, was 31 when all this started) is 1.7. I am cancer free. Today. Also, as of today, I have an 80% chance of survival, which is statistical shit that does not really mean much, but is nice to hear. Every day I am cancer free that number goes up.

Cancer free.

That necessitates another shot of slivovitz, don’t you think?

(But there is a ways to go, more surgery and even a colonoscopy in three weeks, no prep needed …)



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4 thoughts on “Eighty percent

  1. Are you dead? I really, really hope you’re not dead and you just feel too crappy to write anything. I mean, I hope you feel fantastic and you’re frolicking on the beach and that’s why you’re too busy to write anything.

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