“Federal and state laws (should) be changed to no longer make it a crime to possess marijuana for private use.” ~Richard M. Nixon

Thoughts on being halfway done with chemo-radiation (14 down, 14 to go), medical marijuana, and assorted crap.

  • Marijuana absolutely helps relieve nausea.
  • Sublingual medical marijuana tastes like licking the undercarriage of a lawn mower.
  • Halfway does not make me feel any better, mentally at least.
  • I have one surgeon, two hematologist/oncologists, two radiologists, an oncologist nurse practitioner, an oncologist nurse, a radiology nurse, and a couple of radiology techs. Only one is condescending and arrogant to the point that I will not even ask a question, I find someone else if I can, and I ignore their unsolicited advice since it at times contradicts others’. Ugh.
  • Everyone I know has been extremely appropriate in their response to my situation. A couple of people I don’t know have not been. While talking to a friend on the street today, a total stranger jumped into the conversation with stories of her relatives, etc. and cancer. I was hoping she would ask the name of my chemo
  • There are hints that the tumor may be shrinking, let’s just say that some of what I leave in the bathroom is returning to a more typical form. As I said to my porn buddy about something else, that’s good shit.
  • The medical marijuana I am using does not have enough THC to get me high. I should try another kind, dude.
  • Fritos. I can’t forget the Fritos.

And yes, my nuts still hurt. Thanks for asking.

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