Oh man, did that ever suck

I apologize for the silence.

My admission for the surgery was about four days longer than expected. I was finally discharged and was home for a few days; that is when I wrote the previous blog post.

Shortly thereafter my stoma decided to get blocked. Spasms, swelling or whatever in my small intestine due to surgery and caused everything to back up. Needless to say, I went downhill fairly quickly. The surgeon called and had me readmitted to the hospital.

That was a tougher stay in some ways. I really hit rock bottom as they say mentally if not physically.

After close to a week I came back home, again. Things seem to be working (at least between my mouth and my stoma) and I am trying to get back to life. For a while at least.

I will fill in the gaps as I now get ready for some heavy duty chemo in two weeks.

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5 thoughts on “Oh man, did that ever suck

  1. Praying for you. I know I’m supposed to say positive things here like your more than 50% done but Jones after a Hospital stay like that things like that just sound lame. So I won’t say what I’m supposed to say I’ll just say keep moving forward you’ve got this. Thinking of you.

  2. It’s a relief to hear from you. The silence was worrisome. That being said, concentrate on getting better so we get to hear the stories I am sure you are eager to tell.

  3. Cancer sucks. Keep going forward. It is probably true that the only way out is thru, but this journey still sucks. good luck. Sending positive thoughts your way. 🙂

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